What To Do When You Get A Bad Review

Have you ever had a bad review from a customer?  I don't know about you but when I am going to purchase something I always look at the bad reviews as well as good reviews. I like to know why people didn't like the product. 

Today on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast I share with you a bad review that we received recently on our odor eliminating eCommerce website and how we handled it.

I also share with you some tips on how to take the feedback and turn it into a positive thing to help grow your sales.  Listen here

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How He Started And Scaled His 90X Planner Business To Mid-Six Figures with ALoN David


This week on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast, I talked to ALoN David, the CEO of 90X Goal Planner.  I was super excited to bring this episode to you because I am a 90X planner user myself.  The planner has helped me accomplish many goals, including getting this podcast launched.

In this episode, you will learn how ALoN went from a photographer to multiple six-figure business owner and on the way to a seven-figure product-based business owner as well as:

  • How he found a manufacturer to print his planner in China without ever going to China.
  • How he builds his email list and markets his planners.
  • How he uses Facebook Ads and promotions he runs to drive sales.
  • How he uses handwritten notes to drive customer love.
  • How he uses collaborations to scale his business.
  • How he is diversifying into digital products.
  • Why customer service is so important to him.
  • Why he didn't wait until things were perfect to launch.
  • How and why he outsources everything.
  • Why he only advertises...
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How To Drive Sales During The Slow Summer Months

It's summertime and most of you know what that means...SUMMER SALES SLUMP.  While the world is outside playing, at the pool or on vacation small business owners are feeling the pain of the slow selling season.


On this podcast, I share with you what to work on during the slow-selling season and ways to drive sales up this summer.

You're going to walk away from this podcast knowing:

How to find creative ways to bundle your products for promotions.

How to easily get people to your website so you can get them to purchase.

Collaboration ideas.

What you can do locally to drive sales.

How to overcome overwhelm this fall.

Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and promotions.

So much more that you won't want to miss out on.

Listen to the podcast here to learn what to work on and how to drive sales this slow summer selling season. 

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7 Most Common Mistakes Product-Based Businesses Make And How To Avoid Them

I have worked with a lot of product-based business owners over the years both one-to-one and in a group setting.  I continue to hear the same problems over and over again.  I am sharing the top seven mistakes I see product-based business owners make on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast, so you won't make them.  

You'll walk away from this podcast knowing.

1- How to price your products so you always have a healthy gross margin.

2- Why you need to be strategic about when you launch new products and when to reach out to buyers about specific seasonal products.

3- Why the riches are in the niches.

4- The three things your customers need to know within 6-8 seconds of hitting your website. 

5- Why you should start planning your promotions.

6- How not knowing your numbers is killing your business.

7- Why you have to have promotions.

Listen to the podcasts here so you don't make the mistakes we talk about in the podcast.  

If you enjoy this week's podcast...

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Six Reasons Why Eight Out Of Ten Businesses Fail

Did you know only half of the businesses that start will make it five years?

And only one-third of those that make it five years make it to 10 years.

Today we're talking all about why businesses fail, and how you can make sure that this doesn't happen 
to you.   

One of the top reasons businesses fail is they have a complete lack of a unique selling proposition. 

What is a unique selling proposition? It is what sets you apart from the competitors. How do you run your business in such a unique way that you're different from the competitors, or how are your products different? You want to be thinking about this because this is one of the most important things for you to do to make your competition irrelevant. If you don't have a unique selling proposition, then you're just a me-too and part of the pack. You want to be figuring that out so that you can separate yourself from the competition.  I did a webinar on this, Blueprint To Building A Product Brand That...

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