How To Scale Your Biz With FREE PR In Your Local Market with Hayley Sohn

I'm thrilled to have Hayley Sohn on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast.  She is the owner and CEO of Basically It Meals.  Hayley is scaling her business using FREE PR locally.  You will walk away from this episode knowing:

How she has been able to scale locally.

How she took her friend's pain and turned it into a business.

Why planning is so important.

How she started without a website.

Why you can't rely on just word of mouth.

How networking has helped grow her business.

How she has used social media and text messaging to grow her business.

How she has been able to get so much local press.

You'll learn about cold calling.

How serving the press as a client has helped her grow.

How to pitch your products to editors.

Why slow news days are your friend and so much more.  Listen here

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