How To Grow A Profitable Handmade Product-Based Business with Alex Boxall

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Alex Boxall from Alex Kathlyn Accessories.  She has a beautiful handmade jewelry business that she started five years ago rather than finding a job in a small town.  She has been able to grow her love of jewelry into a  profitable product-based business.

On this podcast, she shares with us:

Why she uses gemstones in her jewelry.

How she was able to get her sales momentum going.

Why she moved from Etsy to Shopify and why she primarily sells on her own website now.

What her sales channels are.

Alex also shares her pivots and changes in her business in the last five years, including having a baby last year. 

What she wishes she would have known and done before she had her baby.

Systems and automation that she thinks are important for product-based businesses.

What she does to consistently build her email list each month and so much more.

You can find Alex at Alex Kathlyn Accessories.

She is on Instagram ...

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How To Turn A Handcrafted Hobby Business Into Multiple Six Figures

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Stephanie Maslow Blackman. She is the owner and founder of a handcrafted jewelry company Metalicious based in New York City.  She uses only ethically sourced gemstones and recycled silver and gold.  

Stephanie has been able to turn her hobby into a multiple six-figure business.  She is sharing all about how she was able to do that on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast.

You will learn all about how she found her unique selling proposition to set her business up for success to scale.

How she has expanded beyond Etsy and now has multiple sales buckets.

What social media platforms work best for her business and how she uses them.

How to work with bloggers and influencers.

How she has pivoted her business over the years.

Why she treats her business like a real business and how it has helped her scale.

How she has been able to maintain good pricing and margins behind a handmade business in New York City.

How she stays so consistent...

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