How To DIY Your SEO For More FREE Organic Traffic with Michelle Martello

I am so excited to introduce you to Michelle Martello on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast.  Michelle is the owner of Minima Designs.   I met Michelle through Marie Forleo.  Michelle and I are both mentors for Marie Forleo's B-School.  Marie has dubbed Michelle "Smartello" since she is so smart and tech-savvy.  Michelle shared so much you won't want to miss this episode:

Walk away, knowing:

Why you need redundancy in your business.

What platforms are best for eCommerce and why.

How to get FREE organic traffic to your website with DIY SEO.

How often you should be blogging and why cornerstone content matters.

Powerful tips on how to pick keywords for better SEO and where to find phrases people are searching for.  

How to get started creating passive income products to add another revenue stream to your business and so much more.

Listen to Product Biz Made Easy here.

You can find Michelle at or on...

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