Case Study: My Trade Show Was A Flop, Now What?


Annie White-Brown owner of Annie's Natural Essentials is just back from a trade show in NYC.  As you can imagine a trade show in New York is very expensive to do.  Can you even believe how upset she was not to write even ONE order?  Her show was a bust, and we are dissecting it to find out why.

 Annie is a real gem for coming on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast and sharing all the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with running a product-based business.

You'll walk away from this show knowing:

Why the location of your booth is a critical factor when deciding if you want to do a trade show.

Why your booth setup is essential.

Where you should place your products, so people aren't afraid to walk in your booth.

Why you need to have programs and Point of Purchase displays that making buying easy for the buyer.

Why follow up is so vital after trade shows and so much more.

Listen here for today's podcast.

If you enjoy this week's podcast episode, it...

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PODCAST: How To Buy Products Wholesale To Sell Retail


How do I find products at a wholesale price that I can retail or sell in my Instagram or online shop?  This is a question that I have received so many times that I dedicated an entire episode to answering this question.   

Today on the podcast, I share with you what tradeshows to attend to find everything from candles, bath and body products, apparel, housewares, hardware, jewelry, and more.  We even talk about how to buy in China.

I share pro tips you don't want to miss out on all about margins, industry trends, and why having a cohesive product line is so important.

Learn all about Print On Demand and how it works as well as what you need to get started.

We also talk all about Private Label and Drop Shipping.  

Listen to the podcast on my website here, Apple Podcasts here, Google Play, Stitcher here.

Resources mentioned in the show.

Atlanta Gift Show, Dallas Gift Show, LA Gift Show, Las Vegas Gift Show,...

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Are You Ready To Start Exhibiting At Wholesale Trade Shows?

What is a wholesale trade show? 

A wholesale trade show is a temporary marketplace that's anywhere from two to five days in length.  It's a place where retail buyers and sellers come together.

Most trade shows are at convention centers in large cities, and the attendees (the non-exhibitors) are limited to members-of-the-trade or legitimate buyers. The show management works to protect the exhibitors from competitors who are not potential buyers.

Wholesale trade shows are not for amateurs.

Trade shows are expensive to do, but they are worth it if you're ready. 

What do you need to do to get ready to exhibit at a trade show?

You need to have a product line large enough that it makes a statement so that the retailers want to buy from you. You also need packaging that looks professional and could be displayed in a retail environment. 

Your marketing needs to be completely different than craft fairs and retail shows. 

You need to set your booth and displays to cater to...

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