Case Study: My Trade Show Was A Flop, Now What?

case study trade shows Sep 04, 2019


Annie White-Brown owner of Annie's Natural Essentials is just back from a trade show in NYC.  As you can imagine a trade show in New York is very expensive to do.  Can you even believe how upset she was not to write even ONE order?  Her show was a bust, and we are dissecting it to find out why.

 Annie is a real gem for coming on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast and sharing all the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with running a product-based business.

You'll walk away from this show knowing:

Why the location of your booth is a critical factor when deciding if you want to do a trade show.

Why your booth setup is essential.

Where you should place your products, so people aren't afraid to walk in your booth.

Why you need to have programs and Point of Purchase displays that making buying easy for the buyer.

Why follow up is so vital after trade shows and so much more.

Listen here for today's podcast.

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