How He Started And Scaled His 90X Planner Business To Mid-Six Figures with ALoN David

business tips podcast Jun 24, 2019


This week on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast, I talked to ALoN David, the CEO of 90X Goal Planner.  I was super excited to bring this episode to you because I am a 90X planner user myself.  The planner has helped me accomplish many goals, including getting this podcast launched.

In this episode, you will learn how ALoN went from a photographer to multiple six-figure business owner and on the way to a seven-figure product-based business owner as well as:

  • How he found a manufacturer to print his planner in China without ever going to China.
  • How he builds his email list and markets his planners.
  • How he uses Facebook Ads and promotions he runs to drive sales.
  • How he uses handwritten notes to drive customer love.
  • How he uses collaborations to scale his business.
  • How he is diversifying into digital products.
  • Why customer service is so important to him.
  • Why he didn't wait until things were perfect to launch.
  • How and why he outsources everything.
  • Why he only advertises to females.

This episode is full of so much wisdom you won't want to miss it.  Listen here.

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