Five Things You Should Do Every Week In Your Business

business tips Jan 08, 2020

It's easy to be busy doing "all the things" when you're a product-based business owner, but are you busy working on the right things? A common question I get asked by clients is, "what should I be working on?"

In this episode of Product Biz Made Easy Podcast, I shared five things you should do every week in your business.  In this episode, you will learn -

Why planning your week ahead of time helps eliminate overwhelm and lack of productivity.

What numbers you should look at each week to measure your business.

How many social media platforms you need to show up on each week to build brand awareness.

Why retargeting ads are important to use, especially when people come to your website from social media.

Why you should change the opt-in on your website as needed and so much more. Listen here.

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