PODCAST: How To Scale A Product-Based Business Using Instagram with Kalyn Chandler

instagram podcast Apr 17, 2019


I am so excited to introduce you to Kalyn Johnson Chandler.  She is the CEO of Effie's Paper, Stationery, and WhatNots. 

I had the privilege of interviewing Kalyn on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast.  She has had a lot of success scaling her business with Instagram.  She shared so much wisdom as well as several tips and hacks that you can use in your product-based business.  Learn all about the following on this podcast:

Why and how she uses Instagram as her primary social media platform.

How she uses an editorial calendar to plan her content.

What platforms she is selling her products on.

How she gets all the photos for her Instagram feed.

How she uses giveaways to grow her following.

How she finds people to do her collaborations with.

How she finds wholesale accounts, showrooms, and sales reps.

Find Kalyn's business Effies Paper, Stationery, and WhatNot here: