How To Design Your Products Around The Trends

product development trend alert Oct 02, 2019

One of the things that helped my candle business be so successful was designing my products around the trends.  I spent a lot of my time watching trends both in fashion and in home decor.

Have you ever wondered how all the retailers know what the trends are?  You walk the mall and see all the same colors in the windows?  Well, it doesn't happen by accident.  If you have a product-based business and you wait until you see trends at retail it is too late to make products with those trends.  By the time you get products made, new trends will be out.

The bigger my business got the more time I spent studying trends.  I always wanted to make sure that my products were on-trend while the trends were hot.  It was especially important for me to be on-trend in a down economy.  While people were tight on funds they wouldn't buy new furniture, get new carpet or paint.  They would, however, buy a new pillow, a rug or a candle to shake up the room and make it feel new.

I wanted to guarantee that if my customers bought a new rug at Target or a pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond or even Walmart that the color of my wax would match.

Today on the podcast I share how I stayed on top of trends, where to go to watch trends and how to know what the coming trends are going to be. To learn how to watch the trends so you're ahead of the curve list to the podcast here.

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