How To Reach A Million In Sales In Under Two Years

million dollar business Feb 26, 2020

I am so excited to introduce you to Lorena Garcia from Her products designed for mothers to be and during postpartum.  She is changing the world of motherhood and helping empower new mothers to take care of themselves.

She has such an exciting story, and her business is booming!  She started her business less than two years ago, and she will be crossing the million-dollar mark this year.

She started her business because she was overwhelmed and couldn't find balance being a new mom and a busy career.  

Today on the podcast, Lorena shares it all and goes deep into what has made her company successful.  On the podcast today:

Discover why understanding who your customer is and what problem you solve for them is essential to your success.

Why you need to have a voice and not just a product.

Learn how Lorena gets her sales through organic traffic.

Discover how Lorena and her business partner were able to drive sales and brand awareness by using Instagram hashtags.

We talk about how much content her company puts out a week and what they do with that content to become an educator as well as a resource for new mothers.

Lorena shares how vital email marketing is to her business and what email provider she uses.

Learn how Facebook Ads have changed the trajectory of her business and so much more.


Listen to today's podcast here. 

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You can find Lorena at:

@lovemajka on Instagram