How To Scale A Handmade Business By Nailing Down Your Niche with Sarah Foster

niche pr Jan 17, 2020

I'm excited to introduce you to Sarah Foster today.  She is the owner and founder of Bad Bad Jewelry, a unique niche brand of jewelry with a message. 

You'll walk away from this podcast knowing:

How Sarah was able to nail down her niche and how, once she did, she had found her one thing that made her business take off.

Sarah also shares where she sells her jewelry and how she was able to scale her business online.

Sarah was able to land her jewelry in BuzzFeed with just a photo of her product taken with her iPhone.  You'll get all the details about that as well in this episode.

You'll also learn how she keeps her sales going long after the holidays are over.

Sarah gets very vulnerable and shares how she has suffered from burnout, and what she is doing about it.

You'll discover what social media websites work best for Bad Bad Jewelry.

Sarah also shares what lessons she has learned from the school of hard knocks.

We spend some talking about FEAR and how it holds so many entrepreneurs back.  You'll want to make sure you stay to the end of this podcast as she flips the questions over to me.  We talk about hiring people and when and how you should hire to build a team to scale your business.

I share how we were able to pitch our products to larger retailers and how it helped my business scale to multiple 8-figures in sales a year.

We also talk about the three kinds of promotions every business needs, every single month to grow.

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You can find Sarah Foster here.

You can find Bad Bad Jewelry here.