How To Build A Business When You Have A Job Or Are A Busy Mom

productivity Jan 17, 2020


 For the last few years, I have worked multiple jobs.  I run a couple of eCommerce websites, as well as do my consulting and coaching business here on

I have become the master of productivity and scheduling out every hour of my day.  Today on the podcast, I share how you can juggle your job and your side hustle at the same time.

Key points we talk about:

The secret hack WHEN to fit more time into your schedule.  It seems super simple, but too many people are not doing it.

Why you need to work on the low hanging fruit or things that will bring you revenue the quickest.

How to time block your tasks.

Learn about the two a day method.

How to figure out what time vampires are stealing your time.  Hint, Netflix is one of the most prominent vampires that sucks the time right out of us.

Why aimless scrolling of social media is killing your productivity and so much more, listen here.

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