From Handmade Hobby To Selling To Big Box Retailers Without Sales Reps.

big box retailers email marketing Sep 16, 2019

I'm so excited to introduce you to Alyssa Thomas.  She is the owner and founder of Penguin and Fish.  She has a fascinating story about how she took a hobby and her love for crafts and turned it into a business that sells to retailers, big and small as well as online.

You'll walk away from this podcast knowing:

How Alyssa was able to take her love for crafts and embroidery and build a business out of it.

How she decided to do her first tradeshow and how it introduced her into the world of selling to boutiques and other stores.

How she was able to fill her orders.

How she markets her business now that she isn't doing trade shows anymore.

How she decided to go all-in with one product.

Why she decided to try to get a big-box retailer to buy her products.

How she was able to get into her first big-box retailer store without the help of sales reps.

How she set up her email sequences and autoresponders to help grow her customer base and so much more.

Listen here for today's podcast.

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