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Perfectly Planned Promotions

Will Gently Guide You To...

Be Strategic

Have a strategic plan for more online visibility +  product sales. Throwing promos at the wall won't stick and it won't bring sales - you need a system and a strategy.

Be Consistent

With our calendar,  product posts and caption ideas it's never been easier to stay consistent and showcase your products online without being salesy.

Be Free

Be free from the stress of not knowing how or when to promote your business.  Build your brand and sales with our step-by-step action plan and calendar.

How Perfectly Planned Promotions Works

As a product-based business owner we all want more sales, right?

We've all heard the old adage, build it and they will come.  If you own an eCommerce shop, Etsy shop, Amazon store, a wholesale product-based business or sell products for a direct sales company you know this IS NOT THE TRUTH. 

You have to promote your business and products every single day to grow.  It can be overwhelming and scary to put yourself out there on a daily basis.

Most product-based business owners think a promotion is a sale, actually, it is not always a sale.  

There are literally only THREE kinds of promotions you need to do to keep your online shop growing.

1.  Promoting your every day products that drive revenue on a daily basis but are not on sale, in a non-salesy way for brand recognition.

2. Sales Promotions.

3. Customer List Building Promotions so you're always growing.

You need to be strategic and run all three promotions every single month to grow.

With Perfectly Planned Promotions strategy and system you will never worry about when and how to promote your online shop again. 

You'll learn how to create the right kind of promotions at the right time without feeling salesy and without putting your products on sale all the time. 

This system works great for eCommerce shops, Etsy shops, Amazon shops, Direct Sales Consultants, Makers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers or if you sell a product for a direct sales company.   If you sell a physical product online this system will work for you.

With this done-for-you promotions system, there will be no more stress and wasted time trying to figure out how to promote your online shop on your own.   Kick overwhelm to the curb and focus on growing your sales with the right marketing at the right time. It's easy as 1...2...3..

Join Perfectly Planned Promotions

Receive New Bundle Each Month

Grow Your Online Shop Sales

Your Monthly Subscription Of $20 Includes:

A New Calendar :  Each month receive a calendar full of promotion ideas and suggestions.  Never worry about WHEN to promote your online store and products again with this schedule.

We will cover three areas of your business you MUST promote consistently to build your brand and grow your sales.
1- Promote everyday products that are not on sale.
2- Promote sales.
3- Lead generation and customer list building so you're growing all the time.

​A Strategic Plan: You will also receive a steal-worthy grid chock-full of examples and captions to show you how to showcase your products online without being salesy.  Never worry about HOW to promote your products again.  Staying consistent has never been easier with this roadmap.

You can't manage what you don't measure.  Keep track of your before and after stats each month with a new monthly tracker you download.

You also have access to a Facebook Group to keep you accountable.

No More Throwing A Random Promotion Out Into The World And Hoping It Works, Now You'll Have A Strategy.

Perfectly Planned Promotions is a stress-free sales and marketing system for online retailers - sent to you every month.

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