Is This You?

You're a hardworking product-based business owner and, you sell terrific products that the world needs. 

Problem is... nobody knows they exist.

Let's Change That.

You're struggling with one or more of the following...

How To Build A Brand

Refine your message and unique selling proposition. Understanding product development trends and pricing strategy.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is what most entrepreneurs dread.  I'll take the fear out of sales and make marketing more fun.

Business Growth

Put systems, processes, financial, productivity and time management hacks in place so you know what to work on and what to measure.

You Need A Mentor...

and a coach to help you with a step-by-step strategy that is proven to grow your business. That's where I come in.

I still remember when I was growing my business I worried...

Am I doing the right things? Am I spending my time in the most effective way?  Do I dare call buyers?  What do I say to them if they answer?  Are my products priced right?  How do I even start to scale my business?

I had NO IDEA where to start or how to grow my business in the beginning.  I was just a mom with a house full of kids, trying to build a business.  Would the buyers even take me seriously?

Let me tell you if I can create a handmade product that started in the kitchen and grow it to an 8-figure business in under ten years, you can too.  Don't ever let anybody tell you; you're just a mom with a dream.  Mom's make things happen, I'm proof.

My 1-on-1 coaching is tailored to accelerate your business growth.

You'll learn from all the mistakes I made and all the lessons I learned building two multiple million dollar businesses. No matter what level you're at, I'll meet you there. I've been there! Together we will push your business to the next level.

Here's what you'll get with my 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching.

Video Calls

We will meet online via Zoom Video for our calls.  It will feel like we are in the same room working together.


We will take a look at the issues and pain points in your business and work together to correct them.


We will work together to put a strategy in place to drive more sales with intentional marketing campaigns, promotions and systems.


You will get my 25 years experience working with products, buyers and building business systems and processes.


You're never alone when you are working with me.  You will have unlimited email access to me in addition to the calls we have together.


Once and for all you will walk away with a clear picture of what your business can be and how to get it there.

I only accept a few new clients each month.

Schedule your FREE 20 minute consultation to see if I am a fit for you.

It's time to invest in YOU to build your business.

I still have mentors and a business coach myself and I've been in business 25 years. You should too. Are you ready to grow your business? Pick the plan that works for you.

Three Month Coaching Package



  • 2 - 60 minute calls per month on Zoom with Becky for 3 months- a total of 6 calls
  • Unlimited email access for three months with Becky
  • Access to Becky's Digital Products
  • Access to Resouces Library for three months
  • Potential to be on Product Biz Made Easy Podcast
Purchase Package

Not ready for a program that big?

No worries, I have you covered.

One Time Call


One time payment

You and me for one 75 minute call to help you with your business.

Start Now

FREE 20 minute Consultation


**This FREE 20-minute call is intended for entrepreneurs actively seeking coaching/mentoring or solutions to sales, marketing, branding or systems within your business.  Here is the link to my calendar, schedule a time that works for you. Copy my link below and get on my calendar.

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