How To Reach A Million In Sales In Under Two Years

I am so excited to introduce you to Lorena Garcia from Her products designed for mothers to be and during postpartum.  She is changing the world of motherhood and helping empower new mothers to take care of themselves.

She has such an exciting story, and her business is booming!  She started her business less than two years ago, and she will be crossing the million-dollar mark this year.

She started her business because she was overwhelmed and couldn't find balance being a new mom and a busy career.  

Today on the podcast, Lorena shares it all and goes deep into what has made her company successful.  On the podcast today:

Discover why understanding who your customer is and what problem you solve for them is essential to your success.

Why you need to have a voice and not just a product.

Learn how Lorena gets her sales through organic traffic.

Discover how Lorena and her business partner were able to drive sales and brand awareness by...

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Benefits Of Using Pop-Up Shops To Grow Your Sales

A lot of product-based businesses enjoy working pop-up shops to get visibility for their products and to get quick cash in the door.  

Today on the podcast, I spoke with Nicole Simms, CEO of Creative Visual Solutions.  Nicole is a retail design expert and had a lot to share on the podcast.

On today's podcast, you'll walk away knowing:

The benefits of doing pop-up shops and how you can grow your sales instantly by doing them.

Learn about places that let you set up pop-up shops to exhibit your products.

Discover the ins and outs of pop-up shops, so you do them correctly for the best sales.

Learn why your booth shouldn't be too cluttered.

We share why you should group your products by category or department.

We discuss why signage is essential, as well as the kinds of signs you should use and where to get them made up.

Find out why lighting is essential for showing off your products in a pop-up shop environment and so much more.

Listen to today's podcast...

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Three Big Mistakes Product-Based Business Owners Make

Today on the podcast, I'm sharing three mistakes I see product-based business owners make.  I wanted to share them with you so that you won't make the same mistakes.  On this podcast, you are going to walk away knowing the three big mistake I see:

1- Why you can't manage what you don't measure.  We dig into why you need Google Analytics and how it can help you make decisions that make you more money.  WE also talk about other numbers you need to know in your business, and how to find them and measure them.

2- If you don't plan for sales, you don't get sales.  Learn how you can expect to have predictable sales and income by planning and putting systems and programs in place to drive consistent sales. 

3- If you don't plan and strategize your week, you won't have success. Learn how time blocking and working on each department in your business drives productivity as well as success. Learn the departments you need to focus on each week in your...

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Six Things You Need To Do In Your First Year Of Business

I see a lot of new business owners in my Facebook Group Product Biz Made Easy ask what they should work on in their business.

On today's podcast, I share six things you should work on in your first year of business.

You will walk away knowing:

Why you should take the time to learn your first year and what you should be learning.

Why you need to niche down and how to do it.

What three promotions you need to do every month in your business and why.

Learn why you shouldn't be afraid to pivot and change directions in your business if what you are doing isn't working.

Why doing collaborations with your competitors can be a good thing. 

Why you need to get in the habit of reviewing your numbers weekly and so much more.

Listen to today's podcast here. 

Check out my strategy for time management, planning and organizing your product-based business here.

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How To Scale A Handmade Business By Nailing Down Your Niche with Sarah Foster

I'm excited to introduce you to Sarah Foster today.  She is the owner and founder of Bad Bad Jewelry, a unique niche brand of jewelry with a message. 

You'll walk away from this podcast knowing:

How Sarah was able to nail down her niche and how, once she did, she had found her one thing that made her business take off.

Sarah also shares where she sells her jewelry and how she was able to scale her business online.

Sarah was able to land her jewelry in BuzzFeed with just a photo of her product taken with her iPhone.  You'll get all the details about that as well in this episode.

You'll also learn how she keeps her sales going long after the holidays are over.

Sarah gets very vulnerable and shares how she has suffered from burnout, and what she is doing about it.

You'll discover what social media websites work best for Bad Bad Jewelry.

Sarah also shares what lessons she has learned from the school of hard knocks.

We spend some talking about FEAR and how it holds so...

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Five Business Goals For Every Product-Based Business To Drive Revenue And How To Set Them

It's the first of the year, and everybody talks about goals.  However, I want to talk about goals that drive revenue and getting very intentional with them.

On this episode you'll learn:

Why you need to worry about the "what and the how" of each goal.

Learn why you shouldn't set business goals that you don't have control over.

Have you checked your messaging on your website? Learn how to review your messaging, so people don't bounce off.  Do people know who you are, what you sell, and why they need it in the first eight seconds they land on your website?

We talk about how to set visibility goals and what you should do to plan content.

We discuss why you need to have list building goals and a few ideas on how to do it.

Discover some new sales ideas to drive promotional sales and so much more.  Listen to today's podcast here. 

Learn more about productivity for product-based business owners here.

If you enjoy this week's podcast episode, it would mean so much...

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How To Build A Business When You Have A Job Or Are A Busy Mom


 For the last few years, I have worked multiple jobs.  I run a couple of eCommerce websites, as well as do my consulting and coaching business here on

I have become the master of productivity and scheduling out every hour of my day.  Today on the podcast, I share how you can juggle your job and your side hustle at the same time.

Key points we talk about:

The secret hack WHEN to fit more time into your schedule.  It seems super simple, but too many people are not doing it.

Why you need to work on the low hanging fruit or things that will bring you revenue the quickest.

How to time block your tasks.

Learn about the two a day method.

How to figure out what time vampires are stealing your time.  Hint, Netflix is one of the most prominent vampires that sucks the time right out of us.

Why aimless scrolling of social media is killing your productivity and so much more, listen here.

If you enjoy this week's podcast episode, it would mean...

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Five Things You Should Do Every Week In Your Business

It's easy to be busy doing "all the things" when you're a product-based business owner, but are you busy working on the right things? A common question I get asked by clients is, "what should I be working on?"

In this episode of Product Biz Made Easy Podcast, I shared five things you should do every week in your business.  In this episode, you will learn -

Why planning your week ahead of time helps eliminate overwhelm and lack of productivity.

What numbers you should look at each week to measure your business.

How many social media platforms you need to show up on each week to build brand awareness.

Why retargeting ads are important to use, especially when people come to your website from social media.

Why you should change the opt-in on your website as needed and so much more. Listen here.

 If you enjoy this week's podcast episode, it would mean so much to me if you would do a few things:

1. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play...

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How To Create Marketing Content Consistently

To build your brand, you need to be visible consistently week after week.  One of the questions I get asked a lot is "what do I talk about on social media and my blog week after week?"

Today on the Product Biz Made Easy Podcast, I'm sharing my system for creating marketing content consistently so that you can create a system for your business.

You'll walk away from this episode knowing:

How to organize your ideas so you have lots of content ideas when you go to write your blog and social media post. If helps with overwhelm and consistency when you know what to post about.

How to create a content calendar with subjects that flow and are in alignment with your brand.

How to schedule your time to create content and more.  Listen here.

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How To Plan Now For Your Most Productive Year Yet

The New Year marks a clean slate. It’s prime time for planning and goal setting, and while you may plan and set goals with good intentions, you won’t be able to carry them out if you aren’t productive.

I love this time of year because of the fresh start, clean slate, and new goal kind of feeling it gives me.

I’ve learned through the years if I don’t plan to reach my new January goals, I fail and lose momentum.  So, I like to take some time and plan out what my goals for the year are and then break them down and figure out how I am going to make it happen.

In fact, this is the #1 question I get asked both with my 1-1 clients and in my masterminds.  How can I be productive and make my goals happen?  Time management and productivity are always at the top of the list.

I hear this so much that I am going to dedicate at least one episode a month to this subject, and I have created a course to help called Perfectly Planned Day.

But today, I...

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